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Look, BUTTONS! Get to the Low Down. Free paperclip with every hire. One per employee on an annual basis. Other terms and conditions apply. Roger, Wilco. Easter Egg with Coffee. Yum. Get your swag here
Corp "Office Essentials" Promotional Items (left over from our upcoming convention):

dee-lish a-MAZE-ing

The Corp Dot Com™   Sludge Scooper Mug©

The Corp Dot Com™   Career Path Pen©
in soothing yellow holds Stuff

The Corp Dot Com™   Stick-Often Note Block©

The Corp Dot Com™   Marsupial Jumbo-Tote©
state-o-the-art squish squish squish

The Corp Dot Com™   Letter Biter©

The Corp Dot Com™   Stress World©

Get Your Paws on The Corp Dot Com™ and Office Opossums™ goodies!

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