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Look, BUTTONS! Get to know us! Oooooh.... shiny. Hello?  Hello? Easter Egg for You! Get Corp Dot Com Stuff! Posh.

Join Our Team

"If You Worked Here, You'd Be At Your Desk By Now."

We strive to provide work. Every member of our team enjoys comparable salaries and benefits, including:

• voice mail
• email (with free generic emoticons)
internet access
• annual evaluations
• potable water AND coffee
• bathroom access (free)
• usage of many office supplies, including whiteboard pens
• desk calendars (if job appropriate)
annual company picnic (attendance mandatory)
• affordable parking
• coin-operated treadmills (in building)

The Corp Dot Com™ is conveniently located close to nearby eateries. A map can be found on our ABOUT US page. You can learn more on our CONTACT page.

We are an equal opportunity employer. All qualified mammals should apply. Job openings are updated frequently. Please check back.

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